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About Us

The North Dakota Dental Foundation began with the belief that dentists are well positioned to address issues that prevent people from getting dental care, and is deeply committed to helping those who can’t afford care.

Dental care is a foundation of good health. People who have good oral health – free of cavities and painful, debilitating fractures or oral disease – are able to work, learn and socialize in ways that lead to quality of life. People in poor oral health are held back and suffer physically, financially and emotionally. It’s especially tough on kids.

The organization is led and supported by dentists, hygienists, assistants and others who want to do good outside of their professional hours or careers. They are passionate about oral health and believe in its tremendous value to society. They want to make a difference.

Who We Serve

North Dakota Dental Foundation exists, in the broadest sense, to:

Remove barriers to dental care for North Dakotans
Provide prevention services
Ensure an adequate supply of skilled, well-trained dentists, hygienists & assistants so people across the state can receive dental care that allows them to be healthy and lead better lives.

You will see our organization at work in schools to stop cavities in children by providing seal coating that protects young, healthy teeth. You will see us partnering with higher education to solve dental assistant shortages.

Our history and our “why”

The North Dakota Dental Foundation programming was boosted with $6.3 million of remainder funds from dissolution of Dental Services Corporation, a nonprofit dental plan for North Dakota residents.

The foundation will use its resources to further the dental and oral health of North Dakotans through the provision of education around oral health and prevention, services and supplies to children that are financially disadvantaged and underserved (including those served at Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana clinics that border with North Dakota) and other activities.

Its board is made up of visionary dentists and other dental health professionals, trusted in their communities and respected by their colleagues.

A goal of the Dental Foundation is to become known for oral health investments that have immediate positive results for North Dakotans and, importantly, produce targeted results in solving real issues over time.  The Foundation receives management services from Dakota Medical Foundation so that its leaders can focus on a North Dakota where dental care to all citizens is second to none, rather than managing paperwork. DMF handles complex IRS filings, audits and other paperwork  that keep the ‘mechanics’ of funding and donation processes within the letter of the law, so this visionary work can succeed. DMF also provides thoughtful guidance to the Dental Foundation for reaching its vision. DMF has a long history of guiding this type of strategic funding, with $80 million-plus invested in programs improving health since its modern history of grant-making and leading initiatives began in 1996.

Our Values


We are passionate about leveraging our dental and health expertise for the good of all North Dakotans.


We discipline ourselves to focus resources where we can have the greatest impact on dental health.


We make investments in effective leaders and promising strategies to significantly improve health and quality of life.

for Results

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of measurement and evaluation of effectiveness with a continued focus on improving results over time.

You Can Help

North Dakota Dental Foundation is an avenue for dentists, doctors, hygienists, assistants and educators who want to use their financial gifts to vastly improve the oral health of North Dakota children and families.

Contributions by many caring professionals and community members will help fund the continuing important work of the foundation.

Others will give by donating services or leadership to our important projects and missions to schools and outreach in North Dakota. The foundation is ready to listen to bold, visionary proposals by the community that go beyond the status quo and current thinking.

We invite you to give, volunteer or share your ideas for a healthier North Dakota.

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