Dental Professionals:  We need your help to put on a massive state-wide 2-day clinic at the Bismarck Event Center May 1-2, 2020!

Check out more at the ND Mission of Mercy website at: ndmom.org!

916 North Dakotans received free dental care at this 2-day event at the Bismarck Event Center on September 28-29, 2018! We're doing it again at the Bismarck Event Center, May 1-2, 2020!

You inspire hope in your patients every day.  Hope that they can lead a healthy and full life with improved oral health.  Hope that pain will end. Hope that they can smile confidently again. You do this with empathy and compassion. 

There are some very real challenges to dental care delivery, especially when you consider the scope of need across North Dakota.  Of the patients served at North Dakota’s 2018 Mission of Mercy; 98% listed cost as one of the reasons they had not received the dental care needed, 73% reported having no insurance to pay for dental care, and 43% had dental pain.

To inquire about how to participate:

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