Send a brush, save a smile.  Over 34,000 brushes have been distributed to North Dakota kids through the Kids Toothbrush Project!.

 We know that the brushing habits children develop at home in between office visits have a significant impact on their overall oral health.  You likely send children home with a toothbrush, floss, & paste after an office visit; consider all of the kids across North Dakota who have not been to a dentist or can’t afford a simple toothbrush.    

In a recent study, only 49% of North Dakota’s rural, low income and Native American 3rd graders claimed to have their own toothbrush at home.




The North Dakota Dental Foundation is here to help.  We’ve developed a straightforward approach called Kids Toothbrush Project. We collect both cash and in-kind donations to supply low-income & education-based child care centers, schools and organizations with toothbrush kits (toothbrushes, floss, paste, and education).

To donate dollars, supplies, or time contact us today:

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